Jeffco United for Action SOSIs it time yet to stop pretending that the Jeffco recall effort is anything but a naked political ploy?  While the registered agents for Jeffco United for Unions for Democrats for Action political committee are Wendy McCord and Sally Chaffee, the registered agent for the Jeffco United for Action Committee as a business on the Secretary of State’s website is Martha Tierney of the law firm Tierney Paul Lawrence.  Tierney is perhaps best known as the lawyer for the Colorado Democratic Party. (see right)

Still think this recall effort is all about the kids?

Interestingly, when we checked another Jeffco astroturf group, Support Jeffco Kids, it also is registered to this law group’s previous iteration, Heizer Paul, which shares TPL’s address at 2401 15th Street, Suite 300, Denver. Heizer Paul also used to be the home of Blueprint villian and liberal superlawyer, Marc Grueskin.  Support Jeffco Kids VOTE is fronted by Jeffco PTA’s foulest mouth, Shawna Fritzler, who has been an advocate for the recall since the beginning. It looks like we were not that far off when we alleged that the Support Jeffco Kids fundraiser was going to paying consultants’ bills since the same legal teams are running both organizations. (see below)

Support Jeffco Kids Combined SOSAnd, really, if the recall is receiving help from the Democratic Party, it only makes sense.  After all, the Democratic Party owes various teachers unions a lot for election help over the past 20 years – nearly $12 million in help to be exact.

But, let’s call a spade a spade.  This recall has nothing to do with kids, teachers, or education and everything to do with the viability of the teachers union moving forward. It’s too bad the pro-recall folks can’t just be honest about their intentions. Also, again, we ask the question, how can the union be negotiating in good faith when it’s attempting to recall three of the school board members?  (Answer: It’s can’t.)