wildearthThe Denver Post editorial board is on a roll these days and we can’t help but delight in it.  The Post‘s latest tome called out eco-terrorists Wild Earth Guardians for being disingenuous, and the paper is spot on. Wild Earth Guardians’ spokesman Jeremy Nichols told the Post‘s Mark Jaffe the following:

“We want to have an honest discussion about the impact of coal and find a way to come together to figure out the next step.”

Cue The Denver Post editorial editor Vincent Carroll’s bullsh!t detector. Here’s what Carroll brilliantly wrote in response:

“Why, of course. A group militantly opposed to fossil-fuel production files a lawsuit challenging the validity of a coal mine plan approved years ago — but does so only to provoke an ‘honest discussion.’ Please.”

Carroll also dug up this gem that Nichols wrote way back when (when donors weren’t fleeing like Wild Earth Guardians had Ebola):

“As communities in Colorado and elsewhere have learned well. It’s not enough to make oil and gas development cleaner or safer. For the sake of our health, our quality of life, and our future, it simply has to be stopped.”

Carroll should be commended for sniffing out the BS in Nichols’ clearly false claim that Nichols just wants to have a conversation.

But, that actually brings up another question. Why didn’t the original article’s author, Mark Jaffe, push back against Nichols when Nichols first asserted that he just wants to have an honest discussion? And, isn’t that the real reason that the right feels like the mainstream media is biased? It’s because the mainstream media isn’t asking the tough questions of left-leaning groups or revealing that it’s asking the tough questions in its writing the same way it does for right-leaning groups.