Tom SteyerNextGen Climate Change PAC must be having a tough year.  According to recent FEC reports, the political organization that bills itself as an environmental organization, but really dabbles in anything that will get liberals elected, had a huge cash infusion. Unfortunately, it was all from rabid environmentalist Tom Steyer, and just $1,800 of NextGen’s haul came from others.

It doesn’t seem like this NextGen thing is really catching on.

Then again, as we mentioned before, NextGen uses its funds to advocate for “environmental issues” like birth control and veteran astroturf groups, which are clearly out of scope. Perhaps donors are tired of the group’s scattershot approach to elections.  Then again, 2014 was a bloodbath for Democrats, including Colorado’s former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, so maybe donors have lost the faith altogether in this PAC. As we noted last November:

“Tom Steyer promised hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit candidates who would haplessly sign on to his radical agenda. He couldn’t raise the funds, his message was so off-key that outside groups dumped the environmental mantra in favor of…lady parts, and his candidates lost. It was as bad of a year for Steyer as it was for Udall.”

We will watch carefully for the next FEC filing from Steyer’s group, but the foundering organization seems to be continuing on it’s thorny path.