Hillary Rodham ClintonAccording to Politico, Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, typical of his noncommittal style, is quietly backing Hillary, although you would never know it from him.

A couple of months ago, we wrote about Democratic U.S. Bennet’s similarly quiet endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic Presidential slot. At that time, we told Hillary to demand a resounding endorsement from these fellows.  Here’s what we wrote:

“To that, we call BS – either stand by your (wo)man, or don’t, Senator. Don’t be the guy who tosses a ring at his lady, and says, ‘Here’s your engagement ring, I’m going out with my friends, don’t forget to pick up beer at the store.’  And, to you, Hillary.  Come on, he’s angling for your vice presidential slot and he can’t muster the courage to say something nice?  Not even a ‘Hillary has great pantsuits’? Nothing?

Play hard to get, Hillary.  For once in your life, demand that men treat you with respect.

Good grief, do we have to help you tie your shoes, too?”

The same thing applies to this scenario.  Hickenlooper, potentially angling for a cabinet position or even competing with Bennet for the VP slot, cannot even offer a glowing endorsement? Love her or leave her.

Although, for the commitment phobe Hickenlooper, perhaps this is as good as it gets.  After all, he took 520 days to publicly endorse President Barack Obama for his second term, and there were some who thought perhaps that Hick might never endorse Obama. Given those numbers, this might actually be some kind of record for Hick.