Jared Polis Bloody NoseU.S. Rep. Jared Polis is essentially threatening the state legislature, telling the Associated Press that if they don’t pass three proposals to essentially cripple the fracking industry, he might lead his lackeys into a ballot battle once more.

Polis said fracking could be on the 2016 ballot if state officials don’t further regulate the industry. He stopped short of saying whether he would organize the effort, but he wants lawmakers and regulators to adopt three proposals that weren’t formally recommended by the task force.

However, fractivists haven’t been twiddling their thumbs, waiting on Private Polis to join the fight while producing their own fossil fuel from magical marmots. They’ve been in the trenches of the propaganda front, fending off an EPA study that showed fracking has not been poisoning water wells, and gathering ghost signatures on meaningless petitions.

Republican State Rep. Frank McNulty told the AP he fully expects fractivists to begin their war anew in 2016, and he’s already drawing the battle plans to fend them off.

We encourage McNulty to reintroduce his bill denying oil and gas tax revenues to local governments that choose to ban the energy development.

Energy-rich communities that don’t want to develop their resources should not get to share in the profits of towns that chose to prosper.