Denver residents take photo petitions at Coors Field.

We are shocked, SHOCKED to learn there are questionable signatures on the petition that fractivists delivered Wednesday to the Denver mayor and city council.

The PEAK has reported on past, laughable petition methods used by Food and Water Watch, the group leading the charge to ban fracking in the city.

They’ve delivered boxes full of “petitions” that were empty, and manufactured an email campaign in Boulder.

Now they’re so desperate to remain relevant that they’ll collect signatures from Denver residents, who actually live somewhere else.

From Jon Murray at the Denver Post:

Interestingly, while the petition language says the signers are Denver residents, not one of the nine listed on the page shown to me lists Denver as home. They live in St. Paul, Minn., Boulder, Santa Fe, Aurora, Glendale and Fort Collins.

Greenpeace says in a news release that nearly 2,000 people have signed on, either on paper or by posing for photos holding signs, with the images collected in a photo book.

We’ve scoured the Internet to find the petitions, but no luck.

We are especially eager to see these so-called photo petitions of “Denver residents” holding up signs as they pose in front of swaying palm trees, the Golden Gate Bridge, a volcano, Buckingham Palace, or other Denver landmarks.