Sam Schabacker Fractivist whack Sam Schabacker is back with his merry band of minions to stage the tired cliché of PR stunts — the presentation of petitions.

The Denver Business Journal reports:

Environmental activist groups that want to ban hydraulic fracturing in Denver said they planned to deliver “nearly 2,000 written and photographic petitions” to Mayor Michael Hancock’s office and city council members Wednesday.

Food and Water Watch, the DC-based enviro group for which Schabacker fronts, are old pros at the dog-and-pony petition show.

Like when they delivered 44 boxes full of anti-fracking petitions to North Carolina’s governor -– only the boxes were EMPTY.

Or when Schabacker simply created support out of thin air for his failed effort to ban fracking in Boulder County, by submitting a batch of virtually identical emails on behalf of residents he must have assumed were just too busy to do it themselves.

However, we are intrigued by Schabacker’s new scheme that uses “photographic petitions” for his publicity stunt – a new twist on an old formula that is so avant garde, we don’t even know what the Hell it is.

We recall with great irritation when our Facebook page and Twitter feeds were cluttered with pictures of hippies holding signs during the “Occupy Movement” declaring their poverty that was always someone else’s fault. We suspect this will be something similar. And just as annoying.

How would a public official even verify a “photographic petition?” Are the subjects taking selfies while holding signs of their signatures? Is clip art allowed?

It’s very confusing. And that’s probably the intention.

We doubt the petition is designed to accomplish anything but provide social media fodder for the fractivist masses.