Residents in Denver sign petition to ban fracking.

Denver residents in the Salisbury UK neighborhood sign the petition to ban fracking.

Fractivists did more than just sprinkle their latest petition with invalid signatures, they padded the sucker full of them, reports Energy in Depth.

Food and Water Watch along with Greenpeace claimed that 2,000 Denver residents were on board with their demands that all fracking be banned in the city, where it barely even occurs.

But Energy in Depth obtained the petitions through an open records request, and this is what reporter Randy Hildreth found: 864 signatures were littered among numerous pages — nine of the pages were blank — and 384 of those signers did not even live in Denver.

Some signatures on the petition come from as far away as Auckland, New Zealand, Calgary, Canada and Salisbury in the United Kingdom.

That means, fractivists gathered an astounding (sarcasm) 480 signatures out of a city population of 649,495.

We called our accountant to do the math, it’s a whopping .000739 of a percentage.

Way to move the masses!

We expect the mayor and city council are quaking in their shoes (more sarcasm) over this PR stunt we warned PeakNation™ about last week.

 Like when (Food and Water Watch) delivered 44 boxes full of anti-fracking petitions to North Carolina’s governor -– only the boxes were EMPTY.

Those clever fractivists also submitted some sort of photo petition, which Hildreth is still working to get his hands on. We can’t WAIT to see what nonsense that entails.