We were half kidding earlier this month when we blogged that perhaps the Jeffco Board of Education recall was an effort by former Jeffco Superintendent Cindy Stevenson to get her job back. But, today’s campaign finance report from Jeffco United for Action, the organization pushing the recall of three of the five Jeffco Board of Education members, shows Stevenson as tied for first for the largest contributor to the effort with a $1,000 in donations.

Cindy Stevenson Contribution

Stevenson has no children – and, thus, no children in Jeffco. She doesn’t even live in Jefferson County. Rumor has it that she lives in Boulder. Why would she be a major funder of this recall effort?

Earlier this year at the Jeffco Foundation luncheon, Stevenson told audiences in Jeffco that she would love to have her old Superintendent job back, according to attendees.

PeakNation will, um, recall that Stevenson resigned the day after the school board election citing that she would not work with the newly-elected board. She, then, stuck around causing mischief in the district for months before finally leaving.  It was rumored that her departure had less to do with the board and more to do with her brain tumor diagnosis. (We sincerely hope she’s been cured.)

But, the question is whether Jeffco should want her back.  Yes, she was there for 20 years, but her scorched earth tactics as she left Jeffco were distasteful and called into question whether she was too aligned with the union to effectively do her job.