Jewell too important to visit mine.

Bowing to public pressure, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell has suddenly decided to carve out some time between her busy schedule in Aspen and rafting in Browns Canyon to meet with Moffat and Rio Blanco officials to discuss the possible closure of the Colowyo mine.

She won’t actually go to Craig or Meeker, where more than 200 folks stand to lose jobs and electricity costs would skyrocket throughout the region if the mine closes. Angry residents might protest her visit, pictures could pop up in newspapers – that would be bad public relations.

Instead, she will meet with the commissioners Friday night in Glenwood Springs, perhaps luxuriate in the hot springs pool afterwards to prepare for her busy schedule on Saturday promoting U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s reelection efforts.

We told PeakNation™ earlier this week about Jewell’s plans to attend the Aspen Institute, and the addition to her schedule to use a rafting trip for Bennet and to lobby Congress for more taxpayer dollars to purchase private property for federal holdings. All the while snubbing Northwest Colorado and the problems her agency has created there.

Even though her meeting with county officials will be in Glenwood, after dark, we still urge the miners, their families and affected residents to load up by the busload to greet Jewell in the Springs, with signs and bullhorns.