Old Phone IsolatedIt looks like the Jeffco teachers union and their allies in the school board recall effort may be freaking out about their signature count at this point in the game.  They have recently embarked on an expensive campaign of robocalls (annoying unsolicited telephone calls that interrupt dinner) asking people to show up at one of their signature-gathering locations. The robocalls may just be cheaper, though, than sending walkers door-to-door, but are probably far less effective.
Not only are these calls disruptive, but they are not factually accurate.  The narrator claims that the school board majority “wasted taxpayer money and making decisions in secret.”  If wasting taxpayer money was grounds for recall, Democrats would be losing most of their elected officials every year.  As far as making decisions in secret, the school board is still waiting for notice of its violation of sunshine laws. The truth is that the school board actually has saved the District money as well as obeyed sunshine laws. Again, this recall effort is about nothing more than
The organizers of the recall, Jeffco United for Action, need to gather 15,000 valid signatures for each of the three conservative majority board members to get the recall on the ballot, and the organizers are trying to get the signatures in by the end of July, with the objective of having the recall placed on the regular November ballot.  While Jeffco United for Action technically has 60 days from the July 7th approval date to submit their signatures, if the union front group does not get ‘er done by the end of July, the recall could cost the school district as much as $650,000.  Who’s wasting taxpayer funds now?
Interestingly, if the petition gathering drive is successful, all five of the school board seats will be on the ballot in November.  The remaining two members, both liberals who support the teachers union, have announced that they will not be seeking re-election.  This could prove challenging for the union advocates, as Colorado democrats are more likely to sit out elections during non-presidential years.
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