violinWildEarth Guardians, the instigators of all things gloomy in northwest Colorado, is throwing itself a pity party because wahhh! People are mad at them!

Or as they describe it in a thinly-disguised fundraising letter to supporters, “WildEarth Guardians is under attack for our pioneering work to reform our broken federal coal program and keep our publicly owned coal in the ground. What’s surprising is that the attacks are coming from both the left and the right.”

Executive Director John Horning goes on to pat themselves on their collective backs for their “tough shit” lawsuit to put the Colowyo mine out of business, whines some more about how New Belgium beer was “unfairly” targeted, then blames their bad publicity on Fox News.

We checked with our researcher, Mr. Google, and he reports that some 200 articles have been written about the lawsuit in numerous publications and websites including the Craig Daily Press, Steamboat Pilot, Daily Sentinel, Denver Post, Colorado Statesman, New York Times, and us.

Only one report was found from Fox News.


It only gets more galling from here. Horning complains that coal mines are facing economic hardship (no thanks to lawsuits like this), reverses their “tough shit” stance, and pretends to feel sorry for the coal miners they are so desperately trying to put on the unemployment line.

Hold your nose and read this:

“As coal mining companies exhibit more and more signs of financial stress, it’s important to ask: who gets screwed when they go belly-up? I can promise you it won’t be corporate executives at Peabody or Arch or even smaller companies like Tri-State. It’s coal miners, the environment and the taxpayers that will get the shaft.”

What Horning fails to take responsibility for is that it’s his million dollar, taxpayer subsidized group that is leading the actual shafting.

Despite his pleas for pity, we could not care less.