obamacare-logo_fullWhen conservatives complain about government not working for the people, this is what they mean.  A new blistering report by Todd Shepherd shows that Governor Hickenlooper’s Division of Insurance knew that it was breaking the law and did so anyway when its officials allowed the sale of non-Obamacare plans leading up to the 2014 election.

In March of 2014, President Obama announced a two-year extension for those health insurance plans canceled as a result of Obamacare. States like Colorado that had their own health insurance exchanges could decide for themselves whether they would allow the extension. Unfortunately for those trying to game the system, Colorado had just passed a law the year before that would ensure maximized compliance with Obamacare, making it difficult for Colorado to take advantage of the extension – in a year that its Democratic electeds (see: Mark Udall) desperately needed the advantage.

So, the DOI did what any taxpayer would do and comply with the law, right?  Wrong. After hemming and hawing about it, the DOI basically just did what was best…for Democratic elected officials. The DOI allowed the plans to continue to be sold.

And, honestly, did some people benefit from being able to hang on to their “non-compliant” health insurance?  Sure – like the lady from a few weeks ago whose health insurance is disappearing because it didn’t cover pediatric dental care. She’s a childless woman past the age of child bearing. Or the numerous stories of older women and men forced to have pregnancy care.

It took the DOI 11 months and a lawsuit to turn over the emails that showed this disregard for the legislature’s law.

And, this is why people hate the government – because its rules apply to everyone but them.