favorability trendsLast week, Quinnipiac reported that Hillary was underwater in favorability and noted that her “numbers on honesty and trust may border on abysmal”. It turns out, it’s not just Colorado that’s taking issue with Hillary’s run for the 2016 Presidential race. A recent Gallup poll also noted that Hillary’s number have been sliding nationally. In fact, here’s what Gallup said about Hillary’s numbers:

“At the same time, Clinton’s unfavorable rating increased to 46%, tilting her image negative and producing her worst net favorable score since December 2007.”

Ouch.  Even worse is that her favorability has fallen a whopping eight percentage points among the coveted (and incredibly important in Colorado) independents – from 44% to 36% – since April.

Is this about Hillary and her seeming inability to be honest or is there more at play here?  With Hillary’s numbers sinking and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders surging, is it possible that the Democratic Party has become too liberal even for Hillary?  Make no mistake, Hillary is no centrist, but she’s never claimed to be a socialist either.

Will 2016 be the day of reckoning between the shrill radical leftists and the average Democrat? Will the radical base pull the entire Democratic Party too far left for the average Coloradan?  Will the new base scare away dispassionate Democratic voters?  Those polling trend lines certainly indicate that it’s a possibility.