James Holmes GuiltyThere are some crimes that are so heinous, so offensive to every fiber of our sense of right and wrong that allowing their perpetrator to live would be an affront to basic laws of humanity. The Aurora Theater Shooter, whose name we still refuse to use, committed just such a crime.

Earlier this month, he was found guilty on all charges of murdering and injuring folks at an Aurora theater. The trial is now in the penalty phase, which could last up to a month. The death penalty is on the table. When this guy was found guilty, we responded that we hoped he got the death penalty and that Gov. John Hickenlooper would not be in office to offer a temporary reprieve. We were kidding, but apparently Hick was not.

According to a Los Angeles Times article, “…Gov. John Hickenlooper has made it his policy that no one in Colorado will be executed as long as he is in office.”

It’s an odd thing to proclaim given how supportive Coloradans are of sending the shooter to meet his maker. A Quinnipiac poll showed that Coloradans back the death penalty for this scum of the earth two-to-one. In fact, Quinnipiac’s Tim Malloy described the Colorado feeling about the death penalty as “there is barely a thread of sentiment in Colorado for abolishing the death penalty.”

And, yet, our Governor stands by his refusal to allow justice. If the theater shooter escapes the death penalty, Colorado should abolish it.  Seriously.  Because if the death penalty was not tailor made for this scum of the earth, we don’t know to whom it could possibly apply.