Congressman Ed Perlmutter has gotten really good at largely flying under the radar… at least until last week. After a high profile golf game with the President, Perlmutter incurred widespread speculation that this special outing was in exchange for his support of Obama’s controversial deal with Iran.

The Courses at Andrews Air Force Base

The Courses at Andrews Air Force Base

The suspicious timing of Perlmutter’s golf date with the president sent his press shop into explanation overdrive. Today, we’re seeing their efforts to spin this as nothing more than the result of a failed “compliment sandwich.” Yes, you read that correctly. The best they could come up with was a failed compliment sandwich.

According to a report in Bloomberg, way back in 2013 Perlmutter attempted to give Obama a compliment sandwich – you know where you sandwich a harsh criticism in between two compliments to soften the blow. Anyway… Perlmutter claims that he sandwiched a tough question between thanking the president for his concern about Colorado wildfires and inviting him to play golf.

Obama allegedly got pissed about the tough question and ignored the golf invite. Perlmutter figured his sandwich had failed and golf was never going to happen. Until a month later when Obama brought it up and efforts to schedule something got underway. It took two years but they finally made the golf date happen.

So there you have it folks… nothing to see here. Just keep moving along and ignoring good ol’ Ed because a private golf game with the president isn’t quid pro quo, it’s just the result of a failed compliment sandwich, or whatever.