liftsTalk about looking a gift horse in the mouth, the Town of Breckenridge is snubbing Vail Resort’s offer to give them the money to help build a massive parking structure for the tourons and locals to avoid slapping a $6 tax on lift tickets.

Instead, it looks like Breckenridge locals will vote on the tax plan in November that would also fund road and sidewalk improvements and probably some silly enormous yard art to raise an estimated $6 million.

“It is clear that the town is solely focused on increasing their tax revenue, rather than on solving problems. We are very disappointed that the town has refused our offer of private funding and instead are rushing ahead to tax all Breckenridge skiers and snowboarders,” Kristin Kenney Williams, vice president of mountain community affairs said in a statement.

We wonder if Vail’s offer will still be on the table if the locals, who have been known to actually ski, rebel against the tax?

Free money doesn’t roll around very often, Breckenridge officials would be wise to skip the gamble and take the offer.