Michael BennetSenate Democrats filibustered and killed a measure today that would have defunded Planned Parenthood, and Michael Bennet helped.

Republicans needed 60 votes to break the filibuster, but only gathered 53 votes compared to Democrats and Bennet who delivered 46 votes ensuring that the most controversial organization in the U.S. would continue to receive taxpayer dollars. U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner voted to end the filibuster and funding.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the measure was aimed at the recent revelation that Planned Parenthood, including the Rocky Mountain center, have been engaged in the vile and callous bartering and trafficking of fetal body parts.

Bennet did not have the courage to join the Senate debate to defend his position before the vote, but this is what his spokesman had to say last week:

“Anyone found to have done anything illegal should be punished to the full extent of the law,” said Bennet’s spokesman Adam Bozzi in an email to The Colorado Independent.

Planned Parenthood insists they have not broken the law, because they are not selling the body parts for profit. However, the video tapes strongly suggest otherwise.

Bozzi went on to defend other services Planned Parenthood claims to provide, completely ignoring the fact that 93 percent of its pregnancy services are actually the abortions from which these body parts have been harvested for money.

This debate was not about women’s health, as Bennet will insist when he’s pleading with voters to reelect him. There are 23 million community health centers in the U.S. that provide health care specifically for women.

The measure Bennet filibustered would have stripped federal funding from the political activists at Planned Parenthood, and instead sent the money to actual women’s clinics that perform vital services not provided by Planned Parenthood, like mammograms.

Let there be no doubt, a vote to divert Planned Parenthood’s funding to health centers that focus on women’s health services was a vote for women’s healthcare.

Bennet’s vote to filibuster the measure was approval of Planned Parenthood’s wholesale slaughter and sale of the lungs, hearts, liver and limbs of the unborn.

Bennet will also try to argue that Planned Parenthood uses the federal dollars for health purposes other than abortion.

We don’t know of anyone who would donate money to an animal charity that says the money would only go towards funding a dog’s shelter, and not the euthanasia practices happening in the back room.

If the cubs of Cecilia the Lioness had been aborted and the kitty parts sold on the black market, we bet that Democrats would be as outraged as Republicans when it happens to humans.