fbiMemo to the FBI: If you want Coloradans to report Middle Eastern men surveilling, confronting and intimidating military families, it would be helpful if you actually let us know that.

Such confrontations happened at least once in Greeley, and several times in Wyoming, reveals an FBI memo written July 2, but just made public this week by several news outlets.

In the Greeley incident which happened in May, several men described as Middle Eastern were watching the home of a military family and confronted the wife, accusing her husband of being an interrogator.

The Wyoming incidents were reported in June. The FBI said that on numerous occasions, Middle Eastern men had intimidated military families in attempts to obtain personal information about military personnel.

The alert says people in Colorado who are approached should contact the FBI Fort Collins Resident Agency at (970) 663-1028.

And we can do that. Now that we know about it.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner said he was alarmed by the reports of harassment and surveillance, which follows on the heels of a warning two weeks ago from FBI Director James Comey that Colorado faced a heightened threat from Islamists.

“The FBI has now alerted all Colorado law enforcement agencies, and my office is in contact with the appropriate officials. I will continue to closely monitor the situation, and I encourage Coloradans to report suspicious behavior to the FBI,” Gardner said.