Hillary Rodham ClintonPresidential wannabe Hillary Clinton addressed many topics during a Denver rally Tuesday, but declined to mention that the FBI had contacted a local technology firm as part of its investigation into her controversial email server.

Controversial, because the government did not manage the server, which meant her emails might not have been secure, were vulnerable to hacking and falling into the wrong hands.

It turns out that an employee of Hillary’s Political Action Committee set up the homebrew server during her 2008 presidential campaign, then that same political operative was hired by the State Department to be a special advisor in the IT department.

It wasn’t until after numerous system crashes, including a complete blackout during Hurricane Sandy, that Denver-based Platte River Networks was hired to manage the server.

The Washington Post says the company has declined to comment on the investigation, then the newspaper went out of its way to stress that in no way has Hillary been accused of wrong doing, nor is the FBI targeting her.


We certainly hope federal investigators are not targeting the Denver company to take the blame for improper handling of emails.

After all, in the lineup of suspects who should have known better than to create a private server for the Secretary of State, would be the secretary herself, the political operative who actually created the server, and her entire government staff.