Despite overwhelming support across Colorado for gun rights, a debate is brewing in Denver about how many rounds of ammo people should be allowed to store in their residences. Proving once again that liberals don’t realize going after the 2nd Amendment is a losing issue for them (see: 2013 recall elections).

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners sounded the alarm this week over an alleged plan by the Denver Fire Department to ban the storage of more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition in any residential occupancy. If such a rule were instated, they assert it could put anyone with 10,001 rounds of ammo at risk of losing their homeowner’s insurance. Meaning that person would be left financially liable if an unrelated accidental fire happened in their home.

Not only would such a rule be horrendously unfair to law abiding citizens, it is also none of the government’s business how much ammo someone keeps in their home. And where did this arbitrary number come from?

We hope the Denver Fire Department realizes that this bass ackwards idea is dead in the water. The City may be full of Democrats, but the 2nd Amendment is one of those issues that gets people to cross party lines.