Earlier this week, the Denver and Jeffco teachers union pouted because the respective school districts would not allow unions to run new teacher orientations.  A Jeffco mom reached out to us because she ran into the Jeffco union campaigning for the recall of school board members inside a school as she registered her son.

Here’s what she wrote to us:

“I just had the pleasure of surviving registration for my son at Devinny Elementary in Lakewood.  I was a little more than surprised to find that inside the school, in the hall leading to the Gym, the location of registration, was a table with a  “Support Jeffco Kids” yard  sign taped the front and a lady handing out a two-sided paper with information about why the school board should be recalled – “Transparency.  Accountability.  Respect.”

“I was told that the parent staffing the table had paid a fee to the school to be there and that as such it was allowed.  HOW is possibly allowed the Union, or anyone for that matter, is allowed to hand out political information (especially that directly relates to the school and teachers) INSIDE of schools?

“Either the world has gone completely crazy or I’ve just lost touch, but this seems like a serious overstep to me.”

And, here are photos of the flyer this woman picked up:

Support Jeffco Kids Flyer


Support Jeffco Kids Flyer 2


If there is a reason that unions were not allowed to participate in new teacher orientation, perhaps it’s because the union has shown over and over again that the organization and its members cannot respect boundaries. If this happened at other schools in Jeffco school district, perhaps the district was wise to not allow the union to run the show at orientation.