Bennet's confused, we're confused, too

Bennet’s confused, we’re confused, too

Embattled Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has a problem. While trying to walk a fine line on energy development and the environment, Bennet managed to alienate his base. This is evident by the fact that just 53% of Democrats think he deserves re-election not to mention the fractivist protests outside of his office.

Don’t worry, concerned readers.  The environmental lobby is here to save the day.

This week, two environmental Democratic front groups have endorsed the issue confused Senator – the National Resources Defense Council as well as the League of Conservation Voters.

Let’s be real. These two organizations are Democratic money laundering organizations that happen to have a zeal for the environment.  If they were legitimate environmental advocates, they could never endorse Bennet who goes whichever way the wind blows on pretty much any issue, but particularly the environment. And, Colorado families are suffering.  Key example – the Colowyo Mine. Coloradans are worried about keeping their jobs, and Bennet is here, there, and everywhere.

The rest of the Democratic Party base, which cites the environment as a top issue, will have to decide whether it’s more important to them to elect a Democrat or elect someone who supports the environment.