Thanks Colorado!

Thanks Colorado!

To someone worth as much as Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a $5,000 tab with a local law enforcement agency may seem like chump change.  But, everyone hates the person who skips out on her tab.

According to recent news reports, Clinton arrived at the Rifle airport where two Garfield County Sheriff Deputies escorted Clinton and her “entourage” from the airport to her $2,700 fundraiser in Aspen and back.  Three additional deputies were on hand at the fundraiser. The Garfield and Pitkin Sheriffs’ offices are speaking up to say that taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill for private political events.

Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario told the Post Independent:

“It’s uncalled for. It’s abuse. It’s that political class attitude that thinks they’re entitled to consume public resources. It’s been a part of their life for so long.”

Even Pitkin County (read: Aspen), not exactly a conservative stronghold, agreed with his fellow Sheriff, noting that he would be happy to provide security for public events, but not private.  Here’s what Kelly Maher of Compass Colorado said:

“Colorado taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for even a part of private fundraisers.  It would be one thing if Clinton were making herself available to the public, but expecting the taxpayers to cover the expense of an escort for her and her entourage to a closed-door fundraiser is the height of entitlement.”

Let’s be clear. It’s not right for either party to drain public resources on the campaign trail.  But, again, we have to wonder if the reason Clinton vilifies the financially blessed is because the rich people with whom she spends time (Clinton included) actually do behave badly. Maybe they don’t pay taxes.  Maybe they do skip out on tabs, just like Clinton.