By now, nearly everyone has heard about or seen the gross videos that show Planned Parenthood potentially selling body parts of fetuses, haggling over price, dissecting remains, and a whole host of other horrifying acts.  The news of these videos spread like wildfire across social media and mainstream other media because of how disturbing they are.

But, apparently, there are some out there who think the videos are not salacious enough to warrant their spread.  One of those organizations is Colorado Ethics Watch, which bizarrely submitted a CORA request with a helpful explanation for its request of all communications pertaining to Planned Parenthood, Center for Medical Progress, Live Action, Americans United for Life, Colorado Right to Life, fetal tissue, abortion, pregnancy, and more.  Here is the explanation (which explains oh so much) from the letter that CEW Executive Director Luis Toro sent:

CEW Request

Essentially, CEW is accusing Republican elected officials of coordinating a response to the videos.  Here’s the laughable part, there was no need to coordinate a response because the collective response from almost anyone who has actually seen the videos (and isn’t somehow employed by Democrats), is dismay, disgust, and horror. If the response seems highly coordinated, that’s because people who have seen the videos are human and, as human beings, the natural response is to be horrified.

But, nice try, Mr. Toro, tin foil is so becoming.