Are Democrats afraid of Sanders' appeal in the state?

Are Democrats afraid of Sanders appeal in the state?

Colorado arguably has become one of the most important states on the road to the White House, after all Republicans scheduled a debate at the University of Colorado in Boulder, of all places, on October 28.  That’s why it’s puzzling that the Democrats’ debate schedule fails to include Colorado.  With such a crushing defeat last year in the Centennial State, one would think Democrats would want to shore up support for their candidates here.

Here are the three debates that are scheduled:

  • October 13: CNN/Nevada
  • November 14: CBS and Des Moines Register/Iowa
  • December 19: ABC/New Hampshire

Then, again, with the Democratic base so divided in Colorado over fracking, perhaps Democrats are afraid of the grassroots response to their candidates – or, perhaps overwhelming show of love for self-described socialist candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Then, again, let’s really look at the dates.

October 13 is the day after Columbus Day, November 14 is the Saturday night after Veterans Day, and December 19 is the Saturday before Christmas.  It seems like Democrats are hoping that nobody is home to watch the debates.  Then again, it took real internet shaming to get Democrats to schedule the debates at all, so it’s not surprising that they would schedule debates on days and times that are least conducive to people watching.