A loyal reader today sent us a link that appears to be Colorado’s U.S. Senator Michael Bennet speaking for dollars via All American Speakers Bureau.  According to Senate ethics rules, U.S. Senators are not permitted to be paid for speaking engagements.  See picture below.Bennet Speakers Bureau

From the Senate “Code of Conduct”:

“NO honoraria may be received by any Member, officer, or employee.

An ‘honorarium’ is a fee for any speech, appearance, or article (including for a series of speeches, appearances, or articles if the series is directly related to an individual’s Senate duties or if payment is made because of an individual’s Senate position).”

The document outlines some exceptions like payment for a talent like musical ability or athletic ability.  To the best of our knowledge, Bennet does not have any of these talents. There is provision in which he could be paid and donate to charity, but there is no indication that is happening.

According to Bennet’s profile, he specifically refuses to accept requests that are not paid:

“Due to privacy reasons and the volume of emails and calls we receive, we can no longer respond to inquiries related to: (among other things) non-paying or expenses only speaking fundraisers.”

We checked his personal financial disclosures and he reported no income from speaking.  So, either he’s not reporting the income, or (ouch) nobody is asking him to speak. He does have availability this month! Act now!

Either way, PeakNation™, one has to ask whether Bennet is for hire to paying customers.