Morgan Carroll and Monkey

Dems monkey around now that Carroll no longer focused on keeping them in line

With Morgan Carroll fully distracted by her bid for the 6th Congressional District, Colorado Senate Democrats are taking the opportunity to give her a giant middle finger by recruiting Las Animas County Sheriff Jim Casias to run for Senate District 35.

Not only is Casias pro-gun, but he is also one of the sheriffs suing Gov. John Hickenlooper for signing a pair of unconstitutional gun bills. By putting forth a candidate that is opposed to one of the party’s primary issue positions, the Dems are showing just how eager they are abandon their principles in order to retake the Senate gavel.

Never mind that it is going to piss off their base and their major donors, which, by the way, isn’t how you flip control of a chamber. And let’s not overlook the irony that the same party who lost two seats because of its crusade against the 2nd Amendment is now gearing up to promote a pro-gun candidate.

We disagree with Carroll on everything, and we were all surprised by her ability to keep the caucus unified and on message while she was in charge. Now that she is no longer at the helm, everyone is reading off a different script.

This also may just be another sign that Democrat’s donor-driven strategy both locally and nationally is quickly unraveling. (See: Bernie Sanders killing it in New Hampshire)