Hillary Rodham ClintonA new poll shows that Hillary Clinton’s time spent in Colorado attending private fundraisers has not paid off in terms of increasing her actual support.

The battleground survey by Vox Polling was conducted across the states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia last week among nearly 2,000 voters.

Asked whom they would support, Hillary or whomever wins the GOP nomination, voters chose the random Republican by 14 points.

With 63 percent of those polled identifying as either Democrats or independents, that bodes poorly for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Her campaign has certainly taken a hit in Colorado, where the sheriffs of Pitkin and Garfield County are mighty pissed at having taxpayers foot the bill for security at a private fundraiser in Aspen.

Held at the home of Robert and Soledad Hurst it cost about $2,700 per person to attend, but apparently no one could come up with the $5,000 to reimburse taxpayers for security to transport her by car from the Rifle airport.

Hillary’s campaign is also taking a beating in the press this week after the FBI paid a visit to the Colorado firm that handled her non-government issue email server, and a separate lawsuit has disclosed the Denver company may have caused a serious security breach.

Also not helping Hillary’s campaign, is that she is Hillary Clinton.