9News political reporter Brandon Rittiman had District Attorney George Brauchler on his weekly “Balance of Power” show this weekend.  Brauchler took the opportunity to talk about why he pursued this process in the Aurora Theater Shooting Trial.  Take a watch:

Rittiman: So, we’ve been through a lot of pain in this process, a lot of taxpayer money in this process…at the end of the day, we got the same verdict we would have had if there was a plea deal. In your mind’s eye, what was the virtue in going through all that?

Brauchler: …I don’t think you measure whether to pursue justice by the bottom line or what it takes to get to it.

Zing! Oddly, this should be a response that would mollify leftists who are now so very concerned about the use of taxpayer dollars (first time ever?) to prosecute the Aurora Theater Shooting. But, it won’t. Because their critique has nothing to do with this case and everything to do with their fear that Braucher actually would run for Senate against embattled candidate U.S. Senator Michael Bennet.

Brauchler was less definitive about his future plans, noting that he’s been something of a “specter” at home because he was so focused on the case. That said, this interview makes it clear that he would outshine Bennet all day long on the campaign trail.