In another example of how government is inept at overseeing our healthcare system, 9News reported today that the Colorado department responsible for administering Medicaid sent out letters to 1,600 wrong addresses that included personal income and healthcare information. healthcare

According to the report, no information that puts people at risk for identity theft – like social security numbers – were included in the letters. But that is little consolation for the Medicaid recipients who have had their personal medical information sent to complete strangers.

9News has done a great job of uncovering government incompetence when it comes to the management of our public healthcare systems. Earlier this year, they exposed how officials at that run Colorado’s obamacare exchange knew of a glitch that left thousands of people uninsured for months before it was made public.

The most depressing part of this whole debacle, however, is that no one is even surprised. Whether it is “accidentally” sending out personal information or “accidentally” spilling toxic chemicals from an abandoned mine into a river, we just expect the government to muck things up and for no one to be held accountable.

At what point does this cycle become the definition of insanity?