Just trying to help educate kids. Or not.

Just trying to help educate kids. Or not.

Last night, Jeffco recallers, aka the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) or teachers union, received notice that the Jeffco Clerk and Recorder validated the recallers’ signatures, officially placing the recall of the Jeffco School Board on the ballot.

Despite the lies in the petition language about just about everything – Jeffco Public Schools Superintendent Dan McMinimee’s salary (it’s not $280,000 per year), transparency issues (there were no sunshine laws broken), and allegations that the board censored history (the College Board acknowledged that it’s program was flawed and changed it earlier this year) – School Board President Ken Witt said he did not want anyone to challenge the recall petitions. Here’s what Witt told 9News:

“There are some who would like us to challenge the recall petitions that were certified today with a legal protest due to their wildly inaccurate and inflammatory language. But I won’t. I ask that no one bring forward any legal challenge to the petitions.”

Any would-be challengers have 15 days to dispute the certification of the recall signatures that placed the recall on the ballot.

Of course, the question becomes which ballot.  The recallers were gleefully celebrating making the November ballot, but there have been rumblings that despite their early submission and schedule for November, the recall could be on a separate ballot, which would cost the district $500,000 or more. To be continued….