MichaelBennetofficialphotoA new report by Borrell Associates, which tracks ad spending, is projecting the 2016 election to bring in a whopping $11.4 billion in ad spending.  If forced Lifetime subscription isn’t enough to cut the cable cord, this just might be the tipping point.  In Colorado, the ad spending for the 2016 cycle is expected to top $295 million due to the competitive U.S. Senate race and Colorado’s swing state status.

Colorado follows California ($1.2 billion projected), Texas ($896 million projected), Florida ($800 million projected), and Virginia ($459 projected). Given Colorado’s recent emergence as a swing state, it’s something of an honor to come in fifth place.

Despite the national spotlight of the presidential race, the majority of ad spending will be on down-ticket races, like U.S. House races.  U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman will run in one of the most competitive races of the year next year (although, pretty sure his competitor, Morgan Carroll, makes the race less competitive – as in, leans Republican).

In 2016, political ad spending is expected to be up 20% from 2012.  Another interesting tidbit from the report? Digital media will be over $1 billion for the first time, which is just under 10% of total ad spending, less than the 30% to 50% for typical nonpolitical ad buys.

Colorado, get ready to be annoyed.