oil tanker waterNot content with just pouring toxins into the Animas River and contaminating crucial water resources for downstream users, the EPA has outdone itself again by trucking in replacement water to the Navajo Nation that officials there say is polluted with oil.

The San Juan River remains closed to irrigation for crops and feeding livestock because of the EPA’s negligence in Silverton, but the Navajos say they can’t survive any more of the federal government’s help and put a halt to the water deliveries.

Posted on the Navajo’s Facebook page are several videos, including one of President Russell Begaye reaching into a water truck’s delivery pipe then producing his hand smeared with what certainly appears to be oil.

“This is what they expect our animals to drink, and to use this and pollute our farmlands,” Begaye said. “That was clearly an oil tank.”

When confronted about the contaminated truck water, Navajo Nation Attorney General Ethel Branch said the EPA questioned their “mental stability.”

For your daily dose of outrage, check out the videos here.