The fracktivists with Coloradans for Community Rights were back this week with the first (and possibly only) anti-oil and gas initiative of the election cycle, and their announcement generated little more than a couple obligatory news stories and a big, giant yawn. Fracking

The group is trying to revive a ballot initiative that would allow local governments to ban any business they don’t like. Last year, it failed to get enough signatures to make the ballot due to it being a completely insane proposal, and there is no reason to expect this year will go any differently for them.

For the political class, which was up in arms last year fighting anti-fracking measures, this effort didn’t even register on their radar. Our state’s oil and gas loving Governor didn’t even bother issuing a statement acknowledging the effort.

Of course, the industry responded because they had to – with Protect Colorado spokeswoman Karen Crummy calling the measure “radical” and with Colorado Oil and Gas Association president Dan Haley calling the Community Rights Network the “fringe element” of the energy debate.

The political and donor class – folks like Rep. Jared Polis and wealthy environmentalist Tom Steyer – were nowhere to be found. And, with only about $6,000 in contributions to date, Coloradans for Community Rights shouldn’t expect anyone to take them seriously – ever.