Colorado Community Rights NetworkSurprise! The fine print of the Colorado Community Rights Amendment, the ballot initiative language that was filed last week as an anti-oil and gas measure, has some pretty serious side effects.  Apparently, this so-called local control initiative not only will stifle oil and gas development, but also will bring rent control. Rent control worked so well in New York City that rents are really affordable, right?  Wrong, just watch here.

What else will this ballot initiative bring?  Perhaps a smallpox outbreak?

Of course, we should expect nothing less than miserable policy from this outfit.  Afterall, according to the group’s Facebook page, it is led by Cliff Willmeng, an ill-behaved, rabid anti-oil and gas fractivist.

This ballot initiative must be in bigger trouble than we initially thought.  If Willmeng is the best spokesperson available, consider this ballot initiative dead on arrival.