The lawnmower police, that’s what the EPA has been reduced too in this hilarious new TV ad launched in Colorado.


“President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is considering new regulations on ozone that could trigger some new, crazy laws, such as bans on lawn-mowing during certain times of the day, new parking space taxes and new fees based on how many miles you drive your car,” the ad says.

The ad is from the Environmental Policy Alliance on the new role the EPA police are chomping at the bit to enforce when President Obama’s ozone regs take effect.

Anastasia Swearingen, a spokeswoman for the alliance, said the regs aren’t targeted at harmful emissions, but intended to control our daily lives.

“These new ozone limits are so restrictive that a majority of U.S. localities won’t be able to meet the EPA’s unrealistic standards … To comply with the EPA’s ozone rules, local officials have floated restrictions on lawn mowing, higher vehicle registration costs, time-of-day tolls, and parking space taxes.”

The ad campaign encourages Coloradans to contact their congresspeoples and senators to oppose the regulations.

Why focus the ad campaign against the EPA in Colorado, we asked with a straight face?

Because, duh, it was explained.