gas-pumpThere’s nothing like a Governor who gets out in front of an issue to make his case passionately to the people.  Well, Colorado doesn’t have that Governor. Instead, when discussing the possibility of a new gas tax, Governor Hickenlooper told the Denver Post:

“If you got all the Republicans and all the Democrats and all the legislators unified in this, I’d be happy to stand beside them…that’s the only way (it would) have a remote chance of passing.”

While that may be true, Hickenlooper over and over again has refused to take stances on issues or stand up for Colorado’s rights.  (See: 2013 Gun Grab) Now, we are not advocating for the increased gas tax that Club 20, a West Slope civic organization, is considering supporting.  That proposal would include a ten- to 12-cent increase in the state gas tax in order to pay for infrastructure needs.  That said, this is something that would head to the ballot, so if the taxpayers so voted, then, so be it.

But, any gas tax or fight for infrastructure funding would not be due to Hickenlooper’s leadership, and our milquetoast Governor wants no blame for it (no word on credit if it passes).  Later in the Denver Post article, Hick re-emphasizes his blame shifting approach with:

“Those guys are the ones who are pushing the gas tax so they shouldn’t be trying to foist it off on me.”

Just once, wouldn’t it be great if Hick actually showed some leadership as a Governor?