Bennet's confused, we're confused, too

UPDATE: Bennet today compelled Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to take a position on Keystone, according to Politico:

“I think she should take a position,” Bennet said of his party’s presidential frontrunner at a Colorado Oil and Gas Association conference here. “She should take a position for it — or she should take a position against it.”

To that we say, likewise, sir. See the video here.


Embattled Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet will have a tough decision to make. In the wake of the bad publicity around the Iran deal, will he side with the far left in his party or moderates over legislation to allow oil and gas companies to export oil overseas?

While moderates in his own party support the move to lift the decades-old ban, some funders (see: Tom Steyer) would rather not encourage domestic energy production. But, whose side is Bennet on?  Even Governor John Hickenlooper sent a letter asking the government to lift the ban. Interestingly enough, Perlmutter, who is rumored to be considering a gubernatorial run, is a co-sponsor of the legislation to lift the export ban. He joins other Colorado House members, Reps. Tipton, Coffman, Buck, and Lamborn.

That leaves Bennet potentially siding with uber-liberal Reps. Polis and Degette. Oh, and Tom Steyer.  You know, the one who was supposed to help former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall. Emphasis on former.

Unfortunately, we don’t know which way Bennet will go because he has not yet taken a side.  If he bucks the far left of his base, will they continue to protest?  Will Steyer stick around (and does Bennet need him?)? Or, will this be more like Keystone, an issue trumped up by the rabid environmentalists, but generally supported by the American people?

Inquiring minds want to know, Sen. Bennet.  Will you choose Coloradans or crazed Environmentalists?