9News‘ Kyle Clark, one of our favorite political reporters for his willingness to ask tough questions of candidates, recently responded to the rabid far left in Colorado (aka Bernie Sanders’ supporters) who accused him of not giving the self-described socialist Senator enough air time. The issue? Sanders never responded to requests.

It turns out that Clark isn’t the only one feeling the Bern. A local campaign organizer can’t reach Sanders either. Here’s the tweet from Clark with a picture of the email from the organizer. The name of the organizer is missing, likely to prevent her (we’re just assuming) from being fired for calling the campaign disorganized. See below:

Bernie Sanders

Not going to let a little disorganization stand in her way? What is a campaign, but a series of organized activities? There is no “way” to stand in if there is no campaign. ┬áColor us confused. And amused.

After all, despite Sanders’ campaign chaos, he’s still kicking Hillary’s pant-suited a$$. The retail appeal of this guy must be like nails on a chalkboard to Hillary, which makes us feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.