Gunnison Sage GrouseThe USDA has tossed $200 million in taxpayer dollars to the birds, the sage grouse birds, in the never-ending quest to appease radical environmentalists who want the half-million population labeled as nearly extinct.

This time the money goes to ranchers to transform their private property into a hospitable sanctuary for the creatures by constructing condos and cross-country ski trails. Just kidding, the money’s to be used to cut down the unhuggable conifer trees.

According to the Denver Post, this is what the new funding means:

Thursday’s rollout serves as a closing argument that enough has been done to help the grouse and that it no longer needs to be included on a federal watch list.

Wouldn’t that be great if it were true? If the total $500 million spent to conserve the grouse across more than four million acres and a thousand ranches throughout 11 Western states was actually enough to keep the environmental wolves at bay? Could it really prevent an endangered species listing decision due next month?

It would, if protecting grouse was the true intent of the radical greenies. But alas, it is not.

This is what Erik Molvar with WildEarth Guardians had to say about all of the efforts and funding to protect the grouse:

It’s the wrong approach to see how little can be done to “protect the sage grouse and get away with it,” he said. Instead, regulators should seek a “balance between human activities and corporate profits and (also) sage grouse survival.”

Their goal is to shut down energy development and put ranchers out of business, and their weapon to create this havoc is the grouse. The only truce they will recognize to end their war on the West, is complete surrender to the endangered species list.