Lots of folks have been asking where all the environmental groups were when the EPA dumped millions of gallons of pollution into the Animas River.

Well, we’ve found one of them – Water Defense, an environmental group from New York that says they are on the scene and raising money to line their pockets!




It certainly appears from this blog fundraising post that these New York defenders of Colorado’s water were on the scene when the spill occurred on Aug. 5, except this was posted on Aug. 26. Oh, and they have the date of the spill wrong.

According to their “cumulative water testing technology” of funky foam fingers to soak up water at an undisclosed location on an unknown date and in unknown amounts, “Lab tests confirm the presence of Vanadium, Barium, Beryllium, and Lead.”

”These tests did not yield the same results when conducted at the San Juan River before it joins the Animas. This points directly towards the EPA spill as being the source of these contaminants,” the blog post said.

We agree that the EPA spill caused contamination, but we’re going to pick a nit and say the Animas joins the San Juan, just to wipe away that mental image of river water suddenly switching gears and reversing flow upstream.

To check out this “cumulative water testing technology,” here’s that link. Dude looks totally baked, by the way.

This fledgling environmental group was founded by “The Hulk,” aka, actor Mark Ruffalo, who was last seen around these parts as a co-organizer of Frack Free Colorado in 2012.

Water Defense appears desperate for any reason to raise money, and their most recent public tax return from 2013 shows why — they only took in a measly $165,000 in grants and donations.

Save your money folks, we don’t need their “help.”