JCEAThe Colorado Independent headline said all we needed to know about the recall replacement candidates (those candidates that would replace the Jeffco School Board if the recall is successful): “Recall-backed Jeffco school board candidates skip conservative forum”.

Once again, the recallers claim they want transparency while failing to actually provide it themselves. Oh, the irony, but will any media outlet call them out on it? No.

While the Colorado Independent describes the forum as “conservative”, it’s worth noting that the forum took place at a nonpartisan, but yes, Christian location – Colorado Christian University. Do Democratic Christians take issue with the left characterizing Christians as conservative? Do the board candidates think they do not represent all viewpoints as elected officials?  But, we digress.

At least CCU President John Andrews was a good sport about it, telling Chalkbeat:

“To me, they missed an opportunity to demonstrate good faith of putting their goals and agenda in front of a large and engaged audience of Jefferson County voters and to submit to some give and take with people who want the same job they want.”

But, with endless union backing, this slate of pro-union board candidates doesn’t need to show up. The teachers union will simply pull them across the finish line and Jeffco will go back to the status quo – a union stranglehold.