feeleyTax hike for…what? At least that’s the reaction from some Jeffco voters when they heard that a tax increase to better fund the Jeffco libraries will be on the 2015 ballot in Jefferson County. Not only is a tax increase for increasingly irrelevant libraries a waste of money, but the backers of the library tax have something in common with the recallers – Jeffco School Board Member Lesley Dahlkemper.

Dahlkemper’s husband, Mike Feeley, a former Democratic state Senator, is a co-chair of the committee.  Is it a coincidence that Feeley is helping this effort to recall his wife’s fellow board members with whom her relationship was far more hate than love?  Perhaps, perhaps not.

The question becomes what the ultimate intention of this initiative is (beyond the stated). Do the supporters think that this library tax will turn out recall sympathizers or do its supporters think that there will be a large pro-recall turnout and hope to sneak the tax in there?

Either way, conservatives should be up in arms that Democrats are either trying to push a tax through on the back of the recall effort or using the library tax as a feel-good thing to drive voter turnout to help the recall effort.

Both efforts are a waste of time and money.