colowyoThe court-ordered environmental review of Colowyo mine has determined the operations do not create a significant environmental impact, contradicting what the lawsuit brought by WildEarth Guardians sought to prove.

To paraphrase the off-color response of those radical environmentalists when they thought their lawsuit would close the mine and eliminate jobs: Our initial response to WildEarth is, tough sh!t.

Interior officials completed the work in record-setting time to beat the Sept. 6 deadline, and released the details of the environmental review on Tuesday. It awaits the signature of Secretary Sally Jewell before going back before Federal District Judge R. Brooke Jackson. 

Colowyo Spokesman Drew Kramer said in a statement to Peak Politics that they appreciated the diligence and hard work of the Office of Surface Mining to complete the work within the court-ordered timeframe.

“We’re also tremendously thankful for the way the communities of northwest Colorado rallied and spoke up to defend their economic livelihoods – their voices made a big difference in this process,” Kramer said.

The new environmental assessment reduces the tonnage of coal mined and the total footprint of the operations, but “reflects what Colowyo originally proposed” to accomplish.

We encourage Jewell and Jackson to sign off on the environmental review, and put an end to the looming economic crisis that WildEarth Guardians sought so desperately to create.