Nothing irritates voters more than a politician who thinks she is above the law (see Hillary Clinton’s sinking poll numbers as evidence). But apparently, that is a lesson that former Rep. Jenise May never learned.

Jenise May - staffer by day, candidate by night

Jenise May – staffer by day, candidate by night

Let us explain.

After losing her seat in the state House, May got a job working as a staffer for them instead. While employed by the House, May filed to run for the state Senate – a huge violation of the rules, which prohibit someone running for partisan office from holding a staff position in the legislature. The potential for abuse of power is just too great and the conflict of interest just too obvious to allow.

After being caught breaking the rules, May dropped out of her Senate race, so she could finish taking taxpayer dollars from her new job. Once the legislative session was over, she quit the job and filed to run again.

We have to wonder whether we’ll see this same song and dance come January when the legislature is back in session. Will she drop out of her race again? And then announce again after sine die?

Or maybe she’ll find a new rule to break. Who knows! Just like good ol’ Hilary, May clearly thinks she’s good enough to write the rules – just not follow them.