Yesterday, the left was crowing that the Jeffco School Board recall election would be on the November ballot, which would “save” the district hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course, it will still cost the district something, but perhaps not the $500,000 estimated for a separate election.

But, the Secretary of State shortly put a stop to the celebrations by sending a letter approximately one hour after the plan was announced calling into question the feasability of the Jeffco Clerk and Recorder’s plan for the recall election. Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

SOS LetterThe gist of the Secretary of State’s concerns is that those running to replace potential recall targets have until September 28 to turn in petitions to make the ballot, but the ballots must go out by mid-September for those in the military.

The Jeffco Clerk and Recorder must now submit a plan outlining how to fulfill both requirements.

It looks like the Jeffco teachers union may have started the celebration a bit too soon. Stay tuned.