There’s a showdown between environmentalists and animal lovers over plans to use elephant poop and other recyclables to power the Denver Zoo that has us choking, with laughter.

The $3.3 million elephant dung conversion plant is intended to replace the coal-fired facility – the goal of the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign. It was also approved by the Denver City Council last year and meets EPA standards.

The Denver Post reports the zoo would fire the plant with elephant dung and waste from another 4,000 critters, along with soiled bedding, tree cuttings and trash from park visitors.

But the Sierra Club’s campaign against the zoo, which we’ve taken the liberty to dub “Beyond Elephant Sh!t,” actually argues that it should “recycle their paper, cardboard and plastics, as well as compost, instead of destroying these valuable resources.”

No comment from the greenies on whether the zoo should continue to use coal, convert to natural gas, or install windmills that chop up birds or solar panels that fry our feathered friends.