Union Fail PlaneLabor Day is supposed to be a celebration of the labor movement; however, a union strike on Labor Day likely had more Lufthansa passengers saying eff you than thank you.  According to 7News, hundreds of passengers were stranded at Denver International Airport due to a pilot strike that forced German airliner Lufthansa to cancel 84 flights across the country. This is the thirteenth time that the union has gone on strike in 18 months.

While some passengers were scheduled to leave today, others will be stranded for days. Imagine the disappointment and inconvenience of the passengers. You know what’s more important than the German trip passengers have been saving years to go on? Union shakedowns.  At least that’s the selfish attitude that unions have adopted as they ruin vacations or education or any of the other ways in which unions place irrational demands on the rest of the public.

Despite all of the positive contributions that labor unions shoveled into social media yesterday, this strike just reminded Americans why unions are a scourge on society.  Much like the socialism on which labor unions are based, the idea of a union is far better in theory than practice.