Michael BennetAn Associated Press report yesterday noted that embattled U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet was one of two Senators supporting the Iran deal whose family members were victims of the Holocaust. It’s almost as if we are expected to excuse Bennet his bad policy decision that would empower Iran, which has threatened to obliterate Israel, because his family experienced the Holocaust. Or, perhaps, it’s just the Jewish population and its field of donors that are supposed to feel comforted that Bennet is truly turning his back on Israel. Here’s what Bennet said about the issue as reported by the AP:

“Bennet’s grandparents smuggled his mother, who was still a baby, out of the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland to escape the Nazis. They, too, had ‘everyone and everything they knew taken from them in the Holocaust,’ Bennet said.”

This explanation clearly shows that Bennet knows just how wrong he is on this issue. And, frankly, Bennet’s family’s experience with that genocide should make Bennet more opposed to the Iran deal, not more in favor of it. After all, Khamenei claims that Israel won’t exist in 25 years – basically threatening another Holocaust against the Jewish people. Bennet’s logic is completely flawed.

If the Jewish population in Denver isn’t offended, they should be. Just because one has a family history that includes escape from genocide doesn’t mean that, as a politician, one is exempt from criticism over policy that harms the very people who were victimized by the Nazi regime.  Bad policy is bad policy, and your family history should make you more cognizant of its repercussions, not less. Shame on you, Sen. Bennet.